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Raagas Family // #TeamRaagas

What's not to love about this beautiful family? Nothing at all. I guarantee you will love each one of them within minutes! I met up with them at Moniker General in Liberty Station to grab a cup of coffee and get situated. I could tell right away this was going to be fun. Kirstie and Rene were referred to me by my awesome cousin Raechel (Shouts out to her! Check out her amazing photos and work here). Their two kids Kaitlyn and Caleb are two free spirits running wild, but hey that's exactly what I needed. We headed out into Liberty Station and laughed during the whole thing. We passed by the newly painted mural of the US Naval Training Station by Greetings Tour. (They started in New York and have been touring the country for about a year and a half painting murals in different cities). After making our way to the end of Liberty Station we ended up on a balcony where we took some time to take some sunset photos and ended up back at Liberty Public Market to grub on some Lobster rolls and MacNCheese. I had such an awesome time with this family, and these photos don't do justice for how great they are!