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Jet & Daryl // #HappilyEverAcenas

These two probably have the funniest dynamic EVER. It didn't take long for us for all get comfortable and talk about whatever we wanted with each other. We started off in Joshua Tree National Park climbing rocks and traversing the lack of trails and hoping we wouldn't see any snakes or tarantulas (it was around 40 degrees the whole time we were out there). Each turn around led to even more beautiful passageways. We soon started to freeze our butts off and rushed back the the car to head towards the Sand Dunes. Though it took tedious 2 hours to get to the Sand Dunes, the trip was definitely worth it. It was so surreal to see miles and miles of sand that looked like it would never end. I'm so honored to be able to capture and get to know these two. I'm very excited for their wedding in October!